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Now is YOUR time.

Achieve your organizational, personal and team mission with 

the programs and services I have available.

leadership development

Leadership development can be one on one coaching, group seminars, individual assessments, and customized programs. Let Dr. Peter Langton work with your team to develop a customized program to enhance everyone’s impact and reduce wasteful time and energy on activities that don’t support your organizational values, vision and mission


Leaders need a support system outside of the daily grind to give perspective, strategize with, and seek genuine feedback from someone outside the direct sphere of influence and political climate that exists in every organization. An executive coach is a must for every successful leader. See how Dr. Peter Langton can be your coach toward greater success.


Organizational development is growing with a purposeful direction by evaluating resources, needs, skills, and competencies that will bring the organization to the right place at the right time. Resist organic growth and transition to purposeful growth. Dr. Peter Langton can help your organization grow efficiently and effectively for today and tomorrow’s challenges.


Developing a strategic plan allows leaders to assess the strengths of weaknesses of the market, their product, and their people. Putting all components together leads to the chance for greater success. Too often organizations fail to plan and plan to react. Break the cycle of ineffective strategies and let Dr. Peter Langton help you put together the plan you know you should do.


Organizations rarely have an internal resource that can act as moderator, facilitator, and traffic cop. Bringing in a trained outside expert allows leaders to focus on the task and the strategy while allowing the external resource to bring in opposing perspectives and new ideas. See how Dr. Peter Langton can make your next meeting more productive.



Continuous improvement necessitates that we keep an eye on our own development and an eye towards preparing for our next career. Dr. Peter Langton can help identify and prepare for growth and transition.

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